Effective Eyebrow Threading in Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Get a polished, sophisticated look with eyebrow threading services from Master Eyebrow Threading & Full Service Salon in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Eyebrow threading is an ancient Indian, all-natural, precise method of facial hair removal. It’s a great alternative to waxing and tweezing for those with sensitive skin or those on Retin™ and Accutane™.

Woman Smiling - Eyebrow Threading

How It Works

With help from our salon, you can enjoy beautifully arched eyebrows in just five to seven minutes. Eyebrow threading is done by knotting a piece of thread, which creates a trap that removes the hair from or closest to the root.

Why It’s Better

Typically, the waxing method is used in salons, but our method has several positive benefits that waxing does not. Waxing often peels away a layer of your skin, causing irritation. Not only does threading leave your skin baby soft, it gets rid of the finest hairs without irritating your skin or leaving behind unsightly bumps.

Only 10% of our clients experience red skin or swelling. Even if your skin reddens or swells during the process, the effects only last 30 minutes. After this, you enjoy beautiful skin that stays hair-free longer than hair that has been waxed.

To request our modern eyebrow threading services, contact us in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.